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Dr. Timo A. Spanholtz about penis enlargement surgery and PeniMaster PRO

  • The result of a penis enlargement operation can not be predicted and is depending on the patient's physis
  • 1,5-2,5 cm of durable penile lengthening can be expected
  • Thickening of the penis by operation is more predictable. 1,5-2,5 cm in circumference can be expected.
  • Risks of penile surgery are moderate.
  • After a lengtening or thickening operation, a penile stretcher must be used in order to safe the result of the surgery.
  • Dr. Spanholtz uses PeniMaster PRO rod expander only: high comfort, extensive wearing times possible, fixation only at the glans.

Modern Surgical Techniques for Penis Enlargement

Just a few years ago, the topic of penis enlargement was still completely taboo, but now it has a firmly established place in the world of cosmetic surgery. However, very few experienced surgeons offer this procedure as it requires a combination of technical skills from the fields of both plastic surgery and urology which few professionals can provide. Alongside thickening the penis with fat transplantation, cutting through the fundiform ligament allows the penis to be lengthened – here we’ll explain the most important details about this procedure.

Author: Dr. med. Timo A Spanholtz

Penis length and girth: what is normal, what is average?

The length of the penis is measured from the base (from the first skin fold) to the tip of the glans. The girth size is assessed using a tape measure placed around the middle of the shaft. On average, German males have a penis length of 7.3cm flaccid and 15.4cm erect. The average girth is 7.6cm flaccid and 11.1cm erect. These values are more or less comparable for all white Europeans. For black males these measurements are normally bigger in all dimensions, whereas for Asian males they are smaller. There are certainly also penises which are already long and thick when flaccid but which do not gain any significant extra length or girth when erect. In common terms, these are also known as ‘showers’, as opposed to ‘growers’ which are measured in the lower ranges when flaccid but gain a significant amount of length and girth when erect. In a survey with women on their sexual preferences, it was revealed that the girth of the penis plays a major role, clearly pushing the length (and the often troublesome excess of length) to second place. Therefore you should not neglect the importance of penis thickening alongside penis lengthening.

Dr. med. Timo A. Spanholtz

Biography: Dr. Timo A. Spanholtz

Timo Spanholtz grew up as the son of a doctor and a teacher in the north German city of Celle. After completing high school and civil service, he studied medicine at the University of Giessen before training at the University Hospital in the Hanseatic City of Lübeck. Here Spanholtz completed his doctorate in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery in the Faculty of Plastic Surgery under the doctoral supervisor Prof. Dr. Hans-Günther Machens. He achieved the rarely seen, top grade of ‘summa cum laude’, then pursued research work at various university hospitals, gave numerous highly regarded lectures both nationally and internationally, and was acclaimed for his research work. His practical education led Dr. Spanholtz to University College in London (UK), as well as the King Edward University in Durban (South Africa), the University Hospital of Bern and a professorship in plastic surgery in Cologne (Witten/Herdecke University). Before establishing his private clinic, Praxisklinik am Rosengarten, in Cologne and Bergisch Gladbach, Dr. Spanholtz was working as the deputy senior consultant at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich. Dr. Spanholtz has written extensively on hand surgery and plastic surgery, including numerous articles in several languages and several books, as well as writing and editing a textbook in this field. Dr. Spanholtz is married, has one son and lives in the Bergisches Land region near Cologne.

How many centimetres are possible in penis lengthening?

The end result depends on a few different factors: the initial situation, your individual anatomy, the skill of the surgeon and the aftercare routine. Your individual anatomy is really the crucial factor in penis lengthening. As the hidden part of the erectile tissue will be ‘extracted’ from the body during a penis lengthening procedure, the surgeon cannot influence the end result on this point at all, since the hidden length is different, yet fixed, in every man. At the Praxisklinik am Rosengarten we say that you should expect to gain a permanent additional length of between 1.5 and 2.5cm. If this isn’t enough for you, it’s better to not go ahead with the operation than to be disappointed afterwards. It can also of course be possible to add more length, but there’s no way of making a certain prediction of this before the operation. This is a big disadvantage of penis lengthening. With penis thickening, the situation is completely different: here the love handles so many men complain about will help out. Using special, state of the art fat extraction techniques (BodyJet WAL Liposuction), the fat is removed from these regions and prepared to be injected into the shaft of the penis. This fat is then injected around the penis and provides a girth increase of around 1.5cm to 2.5cm in comparison to the initial girth before the operation.

Risks and side effects of penis lengthening

Penis enlargement is a surgical procedure which – just like any other operation – has risks and side effects.  As a cut must be made through the fundiform ligament, it can happen very rarely that this wound becomes infected or that there are healing complications. Secondary bleeding and temporary loss of sensation are also common consequences of this operation. Distinct bruising (haematoma) is also possible to an extent, and can extend to the upper thigh and the scrotum. However, this bruising will disappear completely after one to two weeks. Erectile dysfunction and impotence are also sometimes mentioned as side effects, but these (serious) complications have not occurred at my hand to date.

Aftercare with PeniMaster PRO

Penis lengthening and thickening are just one step on the way to perfect end results. After penis enlargement it is important that the penis is not put under any strain so that the cut ligament won’t reattach due to external tension. There are numerous products for this which claim to protect the penis from strain. Here at Praxisklinik am Rosengarten we did intensive research into aftercare plans before deciding on the PeniMaster PRO (with a special frame which lies against the pubic bone and lengthens the penis). This is a very effective, proven device as, after being lengthened, the penis isn’t held at the shaft but the tension is held entirely on the tip of the penis, or glans. The PeniMaster PRO’s unique glans chamber does this job excellently and can already be worn 5-7 days after the operation to ensure the optimal result. Aftercare plays a particularly important role after the combination of penis lengthening and penis thickening procedures, since the transplanted fat in the shaft of the penis should be in no way subjected to any pressure, so the essential pressure must therefore only be applied to the tip of the penis (glans), in which fat is seldom transplanted. In the case that a thickening or lengthening of the glans itself is desired, the penis lengthening and thickening procedures should be carried out in two separate steps. The PeniMaster PRO, which we provide patients with immediately after a penis enlargement procedure, places a suction mechanism over the glans and lengthens the penis with a rod system. It should be worn as frequently as possible, but at least in the mornings and afternoons, or evenings, for 3-4 hours at a time. Even though the device looks rather bulky in the diagrams, it is even possible to wear it under normal, day to day clothes.

What to expect of a penis enlargement procedure with Dr. Spanholtz.

After a comprehensive preliminary meeting, which can also be done over Skype or on the phone, we only need a so-called ‘small’ blood count, which can either be taken by your local doctor or by us in our practice. After the explanatory meeting, we’ll then send you documents which you should bring to the operation completed. You’ll be told the previously calculated fee so that the costs are fully transparent.

On the operation day, I will speak to you myself about the details of the operation, the anaesthetist will tell you about the short general anaesthesia you’ll undergo, then the procedure will take place. The procedure lasts around 60 minutes for penis lengthening, and with both penis lengthening and penis thickening together it takes 1.5-2 hours. As it is usually an outpatient procedure, the pain you’ll experience after penis lengthening is manageable which means that’ll you’ll be able to leave the clinic right after the operation. The stitches will dissolve themselves. After around 5 days you should then begin the distraction therapy (aftercare) with PeniMaster PRO. The recovery period will last for around a week. PeniMaster PRO also means that the distraction therapy can continue on a daily basis, as the device can also be worn under trousers. The distraction therapy should be used as many hours a day as possible over a period of 6 weeks in order to ensure the best results. You should take a break from sports, sex, and other intensive physical activities for around 6 weeks.

What results should you expect?

During the penis lengthening procedure, the length gained is measured. This may not, however, be the final result. In most cases a few millimetres are then lost again as the wound healing can lead to inner scarring meaning the erectile tissue moves back a little. One example from our clinic: one patient had an initial length of 8cm when not erect and in the operation this was lengthened to 11.5cm. So this was a gain in length of 3.5cm. After a year, a length gain of 2.5cm was then measured at the follow-up appointment as one centimetre was ‘lost’ through inner scarring.

Modern techniques for penis enlargement: is this the right thing for you?

To summarise, the number of penis lengthening and penis thickening procedures has significantly increased. Whilst women have already been more open to the idea of intimate surgery for a long time, in particular labiaplasty, men (as is often the case) needed a little longer. However, penis enlargement procedures, as a combination of penis lengthening and penis thickening, have become anchored amongst the range of procedures offered at the Praxisklinik am Rosengarten and in the last year we saw between 2 and 5 patients every week for a penis enlargement or thickening procedure, or a combination of the two. To be sure, the procedure is technically complex, but nevertheless it can be called low-risk. Even though the exact result of penis lengthening can’t be given beforehand, penis thickening using fat transplantation is predictable and so the complete result is satisfying in most cases. In comparison with other operations, the downtime is very short and you can return to your daily routine after only a few days. All patients of optional procedures must be of full legal age (18 or over). There is no maximum age – we have carried out this procedure on patients of 74 years old. 

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